Year 6 – Expressive Arts. Instant access to hundreds of fun and engaging online lessons for your pupils. Lesson can be embedded anywhere!

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By The Pembrokeshire Home Learning Team

Schools and teachers across Pembrokeshire have come together to provide fun and engaging activities for home learning.

30 mins

What will I learn?

Lots of fun and engaging online lessons for pupils to do at school, or at home

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Instant homework activities lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour

Perfect for supporting school closures, bubbles being sent home and home learning

Lessons included...

  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Words in Art: Rhys Padarn Jones Learn about the Artist Rhys Padarn Jones
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Creative writing and self-portrait in the style of Japanese Manga Art. To learn about the origins of popular artwork in other countries > To understand how to draw a self-portrait using the Japanese Manga Style
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Traditional Mexican Craft To follow a set of instructions to make a traditional Mexican Craft (Gods Eye) > To be able to write instructions for someone else to follow
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > The great wave by Kanagawa by Hoskusai To create a collage in the style of Hokusai
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Biography - Life of Sadako Sasaki and Origami Cranes of Peace To learn about what peace is and symbols of peace > To learn about the life of Sadako Sasaki > To learn how to make an origami peace crane or butterfly
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Art in the style of Giuseppe Acrimboldo To explore techniques used by an artist > To recreate an artist's work using different materials
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Design - 1960s Fashion Can you be the next great fashion designer? - To learn about 1960s fashion > To design your own clothes > To present facts from research
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > 1960s art Andy Warhol To study art from the 1960s in particular Pop Art > To know who Andy Warhol is and how he influenced art in the 1960s > To create a piece of art in the style of Andy Warhol
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Persuasive language - 1960s Toy Advert To create an advert for a 1960s toy or game
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Digital art - Pixel Art To know what a pixel is > To create pixel art
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Self-portrait in the style of Roy Lichtenstien To create a piece of art in the style of Roy Lichtenstein
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Creating a piece of art in the style of Henri Matisse. To learn about famous people > To create art in the style of a famous artist
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Dance > Create a dance routine based on 1960s dances To learn some popular 1960s dance moves > To use the dance moves in a sequence for a performance
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Music > Appraising and composing music - World Music To listen to music from around the world and form an opinion > To create your own piece of music
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Music > Music appreciation 'The Planets' by Gustav Holst To understand how music can be used to create a mood > To develop an understanding of how Gustav Holst interpreted the planets through music
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Music > To write a biography about Gustav Holst To know who Gustav Holst was > To Know the contribution Gustav Holst made to music > To write a biography
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Music > Adapting song lyrics using the 'Streets of London' by Ralph McTell and 'These time they are a Changin' by Bob Dylan To use persuasive language > To amend and alter a set of song lyrics > To draft and edit a piece of work
  • Y6 > English > Expressive_Arts > Music > Mexican fiesta and dancing To learn about different Mexican fiestas > Listen to and identify beat and rhythm > To learn more about Mexico