Year 3 – Expressive Arts. Instant access to hundreds of fun and engaging online lessons for your pupils. Lesson can be embedded anywhere!

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By The Pembrokeshire Home Learning Team

Schools and teachers across Pembrokeshire have come together to provide fun and engaging activities for home learning.

30 mins

What will I learn?

Lots of fun and engaging online lessons for pupils to do at school, or at home

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Instant homework activities lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour

Perfect for supporting school closures, bubbles being sent home and home learning

Lessons included...

  • Y3 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Art in the style of Monet To investigate the artwork of Claude Monet > To learn about the ideas of Impressionism > To be able to create art work in the style of Monet's paintings of the water lilies
  • Y3 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Parts of a flower and the jobs that they do To learn about the different parts of a flower and the jobs they do
  • Y3 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Congo Rainforest - Homes of the Rainforest To compare the similarities and differences between your own home and the homes within a tribal village > To design your own rainforest home
  • Y3 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Draw and label your favourite flower To draw and label parts of a flower
  • Y3 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Comprehension - The Snow Spider Part 3 by Jenny Nimmo To understand a story line by answering questions > To design a front cover of the book
  • Y3 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Writing instructions - Beautiful Oops! by Barney Saltsberg To use imagination to create pictures >To write a set of instructions
  • Y3 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Biography - Andy Goldsworthy To know who Andy Goldsworthy is > To write a Biography > To create your own environmental art
  • Y3 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Collage - What's through your window? 'Window' by Jeannie Baker To understand that the environment can change > To experiment with different resources to create an image
  • Y3 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Art in the style of Giuseppe Acrimboldo To explore techniques used by an artist > To recreate an artist's work using different materials
  • Y3 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Art in the style of Kandinsky Part 1 To express a view about a piece of art > To create, discuss and explore idea for pattern, techniques and colour
  • Y3 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Famous Artist Kandinsky Part 2 To learn about the famous artist Kandinsky > To create a work of art inspired by Kandinsky concentric circles > To learn about the colour wheel and experiment with complementary colours
  • Y3 > English > Expressive_Arts > Art > Digital art - Pixel art To know what a pixel is > To create pixel art