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By The Pembrokeshire Home Learning Team

Schools and teachers across Pembrokeshire have come together to provide fun and engaging activities for home learning.

30 mins

What will I learn?

Lots of fun and engaging online lessons for pupils to do at school, or at home

Share on Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams and other VLEs - just copy the URL!

Instant homework activities lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour

Perfect for supporting school closures, bubbles being sent home and home learning

Lessons included...

  • Reception > English > Humanities > Geography > Imaginative writing - Seaside To develop imaginative skills > To write some simple sentences
  • Reception > English > Humanities > Geography > France - Paris and the French flag To learn about another country > To be able to discuss two different flags > To be able to design my own flag
  • Reception > English > Humanities > Geography > Sorting - Types of Vehicles To be able to sort by one or more criteria > To become familiar with different types of transport > to develop mapping skills
  • Reception > English > Humanities > Geography > Recycling - Caring for our environment To develop an understanding of caring for our environment
  • Reception > English > Humanities > RE > Counting - Noah's Ark To count in twos >To create a colourful rainbow >To begin to understand the value hope
  • Reception > English > Humanities > RE > RE - Jesus - Caring and Kindness I know how to be kind and caring
  • Reception > English > Humanities > RE > RE - What did Jesus look like? To use my imagination to create a picture of Jesus > To be able to describe what I think Jesus looked like > To begin to use initial letter sounds to help me write words